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Dr. Athina V. Traianou

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Dr. Athina V. Traianou

Dr. Athina V. Traianou graduated from the Aristotelian University Medical School in Thessaloniki Greece. She started her residency training in 1st dermatology departement of the same University and she completed it in the 2nd dermatology departement in Papageorgiou Hospital. During her training in Papageorgiou Hospital she had a leading role in a big european research concerning skin cancer, under the mentorship of Professor Trakatelli.

Dr. Athina Traianou completed her formal dermatology training by participating in a great number of courses in Europe and in the United States concerning both clinical and aesthetic dermatology. Dr. Athina Traianou has also completed her PhD on HPV virus and sexual transmitted diseases, and her research is published in international dermatology journals. At the same time she participated in clinical trials and research concerning new medication in the field of Dermatology.

She has a special expertise in clinical dermatology of children and of pregnancy and she has a diploma in aesthetic dermatology.

She worked with Tina Rallis in Interbalkan Center for two years, and when Dr. Rallis returned to the USA she took over her dermatology office in Excel Medi Spa where she works until today. At the same time she is leading the dermatology office in private clinic Genesis.

“Το 95% των ατόμων επιστρέφει στο σπίτι
την ίδια ημέρα της επέμβασης”

Dr Stamatiou


  • Δερματολογία ενηλίκων
  • Δερματολογία παίδων
  • Ακμή
  • Εξανθήματα
  • Εκζέματα
  • Δερματικές λοιμώξεις
  • Παθήσεις τριχών και ονύχων
  • Λεύκη
  • Ψωρίαση
  • Σεξουαλικώς μεταδιδόμενα νοσήματα
  • Έλεγχος σπίλων-δερματοσκόπηση-ψηφιακή χαρτογράφηση-πρόληψη μελανώματος


  • Κρυοθεραπεία μυρμηκιών, κονδυλωμάτων, σμηγματορροικών υπερκερατώσεων, καλοηθών μορφωμάτων του δέρματος
  • Αφαϊρεση σπίλων
  • Λήψη ιστοτεμαχίου (βιοψία) για ιστολογική εξέταση από βλάβες του δέρματος


  • ανανέωση προσώπου ( fractional laser, peeling, μεσοθεραπεία, PRP)
  • ενέσιμες θεραπείες (botox, υαλουρονικό οξύ)
  • συνδυαστικές θεραπείες αντιγήρανσης
  • ουλές: συνδυαστικές επιλογές
  • θεραπείες λάμψης και λεύκανσης